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For all manufacturers of electrical machines and drive technology EPHY-MESS GmbH has been a competent solution partner for more than 60 years. The medium-sized and family-owned enterprise consults, develops and produces for its clients individual sensor solutions for safety and control requirements. The focus is on the following market segments: rail technology, renewable energy and the general industrial segment as electric motors, transformers, gears, compressors and pumps as well as for generators or turbines. Based upon Pt100, KTY, PTC/NTC thermistors, thermocouples and bimetallic switches, we produce high-quality thermal and speed sensors according to special sector and customer requirements and applicable safety standards.

Products and services

EPHY-MESS develops, manufactures and distributes high-quality industrial measurement and sensor technology. Especially designed temperature sensors for the harsh environments in the railway industry monitor reliably the temperature of gears, gear oil, wheel set bearings, control cabinets, drives and traction motors whether in high speed trains, trams or metros. Our speed sensors are produced in versatile configurations. They detect speed and direction and guarantee a safe operation and low interference susceptibility at the same time. With our EPHY-MESS modular concept you can easily combine temperature and speed sensors to an individual wiring harness meeting the high standards and demanding requirements of railway industry. Beside this EPHY-MESS produces robust and vibration-resistant oil level gauges. Optimized for the use in the under-floor area of rail vehicles their special two-chamber system withstands environmental effects and ensures that there is no loss of oil in case of stone impacts.

Temperature sensors

The temperature monitoring of rolling stock sets high demands on sensors with respect to mechanical stability. Sensors are exposed to increased vibrations and shocks by extremely high air velocities and environmental influences in the under-floor area. Especially pressure differences at tunnel entrances and exits put huge mechanical burdens on the sensors in use. EPHY-MESS components are designed for these conditions and work reliably at speeds in excess of 350 km/h.

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Speed sensors

Speed sensors, based on incremental impulse sensor, are part of the EPHY-MESS modular sensor concept for rolling stock. They measure contactlessly rotational movements of iron and aluminum wheels and are offered in 1- and 2-channel versions, available for gearwheel modules from 1.5 to 3.0. The maximum switching frequency is 25.000 Hz. EPHY-MESS speed sensors are suitable for zero-speed detection. They are resistant to high temperatures and are characterized by a very good long-term stability.

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Oil level gauges

The oil level of traction motors, gears and other oil-carrying units must be checked regularly. Used in motors, transmission or wheel bearings of railway vehicles, oil level gauges are usually located in exposed locations and are subject to an increased risk of external physical influences. The patented two-chamber system of EPHY-MESS oil level gauges enables fast and clean checking of the oil level and withstand at the same time projectiles with a mass of 30g and a speed of up to 50 m / s.

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News & Innovations

RFID temperatures sensors
Against the backdrop of the current debate on the implementation of industry 4.0 solutions EPHY-MESS GmbH together with its long-term business partner HARTING Technology Group developed a new and innovative RFID sensor concept for the railway industry. The extremely robust RFID system by HARTING in combination with the advanced sensor technology of EPHY-MESS realizes a reliable and responsive security system. The digital radio technology eliminates the use of expensive cable connections and their costly installation and maintenance. In operations the system replaces time intensive manual and visual inspections, further it reduces downtimes and increases availability. Additionally, it facilitates a predictive maintenance and helps to prevent damage to bogie components such as wheel set bearings, gears or traction.

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