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Metawell GmbH, based in Neuburg/Donau in Southern Germany, produces aluminium sandwich panels (Metawell®, Metawell® Aluflex, Metawell® Alu-Silent and Metawall®) and distributes them worldwide. A competent team of engineers and technicians is  there to give you good advice in all areas needed, to fulfil your requests and realize them as a lightweight design.
The fully equipped machinery combined with modern manufacturing techniques allows the production of a wide product range - from semi-finished panels to ready-to-be-installed systems.
Benefits of Metawell®:

- high ridigity combined with low weight
- Metawell® Aluflex for curved sandwich design
- different surface finishings on request: spray painting,
powder coating, digital printing
- corrosion protection even on the core material
- high fire protection (EN 45545, BS 6853, DIN 5510, NFPA 130, GOST-R)
- long-term experience with long-term references
- sound insulation with Metawell® Alu-Silent (up to Rw= 38 dB acc. EN ISO 10140)

Products and services

Metawell® is a patented lightweight panel, with two aluminium cover sheets and a corrugated core. Especially when used for large-scale elements, the light and rigid panels allow significant weight savings as no additional reinforcements are needed. Metawell® Aluflex is connected to only one aluminium layer. This structure allows very simple forming. Metawell® panels are produced in a continuous manufacturing process using high quality aluminium alloys with a special coating, which guarantees a durable adhesive compound and a good corrosion protection. Inside: floor systems (optional heated or sound insulated)components for entry aids (ramps, sliding steps, lift systems) switch cabinets and inspection flaps, partitions, walls and compartment doors built-in elements (seat structures, tables, racks, cabinets).


Metawell® Aluflex

Metawell® Alu-Silent

Metawell GmbH
Schleifmuehlweg 31
86633 Neuburg / Donau

Phone: +49 88431 67150
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Contact person

Dr. Klemens Wesolowski
Managing Director
Phone: +49 8431 6715-0
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