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German Pavilion at Iran Rail Expo 2018

19 – 22 June 2018 – Tehran, Iran

Bayerische Kabelwerke AG

Booth number: G.P18

Bayerische Kabelwerke AG– Bayka – is a medium-sized cable manufacturer founded in 1885 with its headquarter in Roth/Germany.

We manufacture cables for power, telecommunication, railway and traffic networks, industrial applications, mechanical engineering and for green energy solutions.

The cable portfolio varies from medium- and low-voltage, telecommunication and signalling cables, flexible control cables and (high screened) low-capacitance motor connection cables to wires and ropes.

Our modern equipped company is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The production processes are subject to the strict controls with continuous production monitoring of the VDE – the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies. Additional quality audits held by our customers supplement the extensive testing program.
This quality and innovation level will be demonstrated also through our own cable brands BayEnergy®, BayMotion®, BayRail® and BayCom®.

BayRail® Railway and signalling cables

The Bayka product lines BayRail®, BayCom®, BayEnergy® and RailOptic® SFK are used on the railway for control and safety technology systems. Examples of applications are:

- level crossing safety systems
- plant management systems and marshalling yards
- electronic railway control centres (ERCC)
- safety-related information systems
- train running control (Indusi, PZB, LZB).

As safety-relevant assemblies, there are stringent checking and approval regulations for signalling cables. In addition to the approval by the Eisenbahnbundesamt (EBA, Federal Railway Office), the production of these cables is monitored on an ongoing basis by the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies (assessment with production monitoring).

Bayerische Kabelwerke AG
Otto-Schrimpff-Str. 2
91154 Roth

Phone: +49 9171 806-111
E-mail: kabel@bayka.de
Internet: www.bayka.de


Elektrotechnische Werke Fritz Driescher & Söhne GmbH

Booth number: G.P5

Elektrotechnische Werke Fritz Driescher & Söhne GmbH (the acronym: DRIESCHER Moosburg∙ Eisleben) is a leading producer and developer of low- and medium-voltage switchgear and switching devices for 0,4 kV to 38,5 kV/52 kV. The headquarters is located in Moosburg, Germany (Bavaria) and employs 450 people worldwide. DRIESCHER develops, manufactures and markets high-quality electrical technology for energy distribution of disconnecting switches, load break switches, circuit breakers and earthing switches, along with turnkey substations - "Made in Germany".
As an experienced expert, DRIESCHER supports their clients all over the world with products, solutions and services in the industrial energy sector and uses state-of-the-art machinery and production methods.

DRIESCHER products are capable of fulfilling every possible requirement in an individual manner, with custom made solutions.

Railway OCS (Overhead catenary system for Railway power supply) 27,5 kV outdoor loadbreak switches and disconnectors upto 3000 A motoroperating systems including earthing systems.

Elektrotechnische Werke Fritz Driescher & Söhne GmbH
Driescherstr. 3
85368 Moosburg

Phone: +49 8761 681-0
E-mail: infoservice@driescher.de
Internet: www.driescher.de


G. Zwiehoff GmbH

Booth number: G.P7

G. Zwiehoff GmbH is one of the worldwide leaders in the manufacture of road/rail vehicles. Due to their ability to be used both, on road and rail, they give utmost flexibility to the operator.
We count more than 4,000 vehicles currently in operation around the world.

Our product range comprises different lines of road/rail vehicles:

  • Electric and diesel shunters
  • Rescue Cars
  • Multipurpose/Maintenance vehicles and Trailers

We do also offer second-hand road/rail vehicles.

Consultancy and after-sales-service in Iran are granted through our esteemed representation Messrs. AIRIA Co. Ltd./Pars Company based in Tehran.

G. Zwiehoff GmbH offers the following Road/Rail Vehicles:

  • ROTRAC E2 : Electric shunter with a shunting capacity up to 250 t
  • ROTRAC E4 : Electric shunter with a shunting capacity up to 500 t
  • UNIMOG : Diesel shunter with a shunting capacity up to 1,000 t
  • ROTRAC RR : Diesel shunter with a shunting capacity up to 4,000 t
  • UNIMOG Rescue Cars
  • UNIMOG Maintenance Cars, equipped with lifting platform, crane etc.


  • Second-hand vehicles
  • Consultancy and after-sales-services are ensured by our local representative Messrs. AIRIA Co. Ltd./Pars Company.

G. Zwiehoff GmbH
Giessereistr. 8
83022 Rosenheim

Phone: +49 8031 23285-0
Fax: +49 8031 23285-19

E-mail: info@zwiehoff.com
Internet: www.zwiehoff.com